Sustainability Consultations
Sustainability is a multi-faceted approach to building that includes strategies and processes that include; Innovation, Design, Location, Linkages, Water Efficiency, Energy, Atmosphere, Materials, Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality, Awareness, and Education. We help you place all the pieces together to create and construct a truly sustainable building.

Design Charrette
A Charrette is a meeting of design collaboration with the goal of devising a building plan that takes into account every discipline and trade involved. This collaborative effort defines responsibilities and roles and conducting a Charrette in the early design phase can often save thousands of dollars and valuable time and man-hours during construction.

Plan Reviews
Plan Reviews estimate the as-built home’s energy use based on the specifications of the plan. We will review the existing plans and enter them into our software system for Energy Modeling.

Energy Modeling
Energy Modeling allows exploration of scenarios to pick cost-effective measures for efficiency improvements without spending money and time on-site.

Net Zero & Zero Energy Ready Design
We will discover the most appropriate pathways to get a project right down to Net Zero, or to prepare a project to become Net Zero in the future.

Mechanical System Design Review
Independent third-party review of HVAC designs to ensure accuracy.

On-site Quality Assurance, Analysis, and Reporting
There are times when it’s critical to have an independent and third-party visit the job site to insure construction methods and installations are being performed properly and at the level at which you would expect with a high performance project. We will not only visit the site, but communicate with the trades and capture photo documentation and provide written reports about each visit. We remove any doubt you may have with the quality of construction.

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