IECC CODE COMPLIANCE | DIAGNOSTIC TESTING Our Diagnostics and Building Performance Tests will provide you with detailed scientific results using a wide variety of equipment. Building solely to the code-minimum is building just to the minimum acceptable by law. One small oversight, and suddenly illegal homes are being built, potentially without the builders knowledge. Using an independent third-party to test and verify the homes is the clear pathway to building profitable high-performance homes. Scientific Building Performance and Diagnostic Testing will provide you with detailed results on your homes energy features using a wide variety of equipment and is extremely useful for building forensics.. The results will show if your home passes required code compliance, or passes green rating program requirements. Our Testing can include any of the following:

  • Duct System Leakage
  • System Static Pressure
  • Room Pressure Differential
  • Thermal Infrared Imaging
  • Air Balancing
  • Combustion Appliance Safety Testing
  • Building Envelope Infiltration
  • Building Pressure Differential
  • Vapor Air Flow
  • Data Logger Information Gathering

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