Non-compliance with the City of Austin ECAD Ordinance is a criminal offence with fines up to $2,000 with each violation being a separate offence. All commercial properties (over 10,000 sq. ft.), multi-family facilities or residential homes that receive electricity from Austin Electric Utility must comply.

You don’t have to handle this annual requirement by yourself. Much the same way you use an accountant to take care of your taxes, we can submit your commercial building energy benchmark reports annually to the City. Benefit from our proven and tested streamlined process. We mitigate your risk with our experience, attention to detail and our custom reports, summaries and recommendations. We provide accurate results and submit the rating for you, and we’ll help you set and achieve energy goals and ENERGY STAR certifications.

An added benefit to the buildings being in compliance is they become eligible to participate in Austin Energy’s Power$aver Rebate Program.

If you’ve already submitted for this year, keep in mind that we can take care of all of that for you next year, with precision and accuracy.

Green Building Authority is an Austin Energy approved energy rating company.

As an ENERGY STAR partner serving the existing commercial buildings market, our company is featured on the Most Active SPPs List, in recognition of helping customers to benchmark buildings in Portfolio Manager and helping customers to earn the ENERGY STAR.

Commercial Properties
Commercial Properties must have an energy rating by June 1, with a recurring annual due date. Ratings are conducted either according to Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager system, under which buildings are given a score from 0-100, or by the Austin Energy automated internal process (new in 2015).

Multi-Family Properties
Multi-family properties of five or more units must have a specialized energy audit of the dwelling units. The energy audit must be done in the calendar year the property turns 10 years old and must be disclosed to current and prospective residents. You must make the results available to prospective residents when they apply for a lease. The prospective resident must be able to review the energy audit results before you accept any application fees.

Single-Family Homes
Homeowners must have the energy audit completed before the point of sale of the house. The owner is required to provide a copy of the energy audit to the purchaser or prospective purchaser before the time of sale.

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