Multifamily Performance - Austin, TX

Category: Multi-Family

Project Type: Better Buildings, Multifamily Performance Program

Client: Austin Energy

Properties Tested: 19 in 10 months

Technologies Used: Diagnostic Testing, Energy Modeling, Energy Reduction Plans with ROI

The implementation of this entire program was in itself innovative from the beginning. We were contacted by Austin Energy and asked to participate in round-table meetings to develop and refine the program prior to its launch in order to have RESNET Rater companies, such as ours, provide their perspective on operations.

We worked closely with Austin Energy during the entire program with an emphasis on refining field techniques to match the program requirements and also streamlining the administrative process and taking an advanced approach to energy modeling. Ultimately, we determined and verified that multifamily properties can be remediated to improve energy efficiency and air quality in a cost effective manner with a quick return on investment.

All of the participating properties had renters that paid for their own utilities, so the immediate impact was lower utility bills for the tenant families, and many units had substantially improved performance.

The upgrades also improve the air quality of each unit creating a much welcomedhealth benefit for the tenants. As the program was designed for entire properties, the collective energy reduction resulted in a substantial reduction of greenhouse gasses. The monies invested into the program are projected to have very rapid returns as the amount of energy being saved at the properties has proven significant.

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