Commercial Storefront - Austin, TX

Category: Commercial

Building Sq. Ft.: 14,000

Total HVAC Systems: 8

Rebates Discovered: 3

Upgrades Installed: Yes

Green Building Authority conducted an inspection of the following building components for analysis of potential energy and water savings and upgrades:

1. Ceiling and roof insulation

2. Roof coating

3. Lighting

4. Windows

5. Exterior door weather stripping

6. HVAC systems

7. Water heater and water delivery

8. Thermostat and humidity control

After the inspection was completed we provided Jerry’s Artarama with a detailed report of our findings and recommendations along with associated rebates and an approved and preferred contractor list for cost estimates and upgrade installations. The focus of our recommendations are energy and water upgrades that are both rebated and/or provide a rapid ROI.

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