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Green Building Authority
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The ability to endure + best building programs



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Award-winning websites + marketing campaigns



Your expert and trusted independent third-party


Who We Are

Building is a Science. Sustainability is Creative. We seamlessly merge them both for you.

Green Building Authority allows you to compete with the “big guys” without having to create a sustainability department. Your competition has resources dedicated to sustainability, innovation, and marketing. We bridge that gap by leveling the playing field, which allows you to compete on a more even playing field. We give you access to the same technological innovation your competitor receives.

Furthermore, we can do it economically, to save you both time and money, and lower your risk. Our expertise is available for single family homes, multi-family living and light commercial buildings.

Now, how can we help you?

Our Mission

To synthesize and deliver the best building programs, certifications, high-performance pathways, and marketing for your building projects success. This is accomplished by working with you for the entire life-cycle of the building process; from design phase to marketing and sales. We find the best suited building programs available and apply our access to millions of dollars worth of consumer research to every project.

We have a knack for helping code builders transition to certified high-performance construction practices.

Our Vision

For 15 years we have helped builders construct high-performance structures. We take code builders to the next level, and high-performance builders to the ultimate target of Net-Zero. We work with both conventional builders and those who build outside the standard construction box. Plus we guide with marketing these high-performance buildings in a way no other firm can because of our deep knowledge of the construction industry.

With each new project we learn and grow, and pass that knowledge on to our clients.

Our Foundation

Using building science principles we independently verify, test, rate, certify, and report on construction projects, and develop targeted marketing campaigns. This beginning-to-end strategy is designed to help build and sell certified high-performance homes, multifamily properties and commercial buildings. Architects, Builders, Developers, Contractors, Homeowners and Real Estate Agents all trust us as their independent third-party.

Our line of services is designed to identify cost effective, high-performance measures for residential, multifamily and commercial properties.

Rick Von Schnier

Rick von Schnier

President | Founder | Sustainability Consultant

Green Building Authority

  • LEED for Homes™ | Green Rater
  • LEED AP™ | Building Design + Construction – in progress
  • LEED | Green Associate™ – in progress
  • ENERGY STAR® Partner + Rater
  • HERS Rater + RESNET® Green Rater
  • RESNET Water Efficiency Rating Advisory Steering Committee
  • WER Inspection + Testing Procedures | Technical Subcommittee
  • Commercial Energy Builder | Auditor + Benchmarking
  • Austin Energy Green Building Program | Extended Area Rater
  • Zero Energy Ready Home | Verifier
  • Building Forensics | Consultant
  • City of Austin ECAD | Auditor
  • Comprehensive Certified Texas Home Energy | Auditor
  • Carnegie Mellon University | Master's Degree
  • University of Northern Colorado | Bachelor's Degree

Case Stories

Builder Branding - Pflugerville, TX


Flintrock Falls - Lakeway, TX


Decked Out - East Austin, TX


Las Casas Verdes - Austin, TX


Building Analysis + Forensics


Commercial Storefront - Austin, TX


Commercial Energy Benchmarking


Modern Adobe - Manchaca, TX


Multifamily Performance - Austin, TX


Lakeway Igloo - Lakeway, TX


 Lakeside Retreat – Horseshoe Bay, TX


Certifications & Affiliations

Our certifications are a reflection of professional practices and a dedication to remaining at the leading edge of this ever-evolving industry.

Award Winning Marketing

It’s not enough to just build beautiful high-performance buildings and homes — you also need to sell them. We’re a 3-Time STAR AWARD Winner for Best Website & Cool Web Awards winner for 4 Consecutive Years.

Who better to conceptualize and execute marketing campaigns than an expert in your very field? This component is so critical that we created a dedicated marketing and sales division called Cloud 9 Creative Labs. Cloud 9 provides you with a full arsenal of tools to sell your properties; custom websites, brand identity, micro-sites, print collateral and multi-media masterpieces. Your marketing should work in harmony with your commitment to high-performance building - they should be inseparable. Not only do we understand this, we can shift your corporate perception overnight.

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